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Need to replace a course you didn't pass? Want to get ahead? Dive into our Single Courses to recover credits, fulfill graduation requirements, or tackle prerequisite courses. Enjoy the same personalized experience as our full-time students!  

Discover Single Courses

Learn anywhere, anytime!

Explore the Possibilities: 

Summer courses

Maximize your summer with travel, work, and academic advancement.

Accelerated learning

Complete courses faster than traditional semesters allow.

Credit recovery

Retake courses and earn credits toward graduation and college applications. 


Broaden your knowledge with elective classes spanning various disciplines.

  • Ensure credits are transferrable to your current school. Consult your counselor before enrolling. 

  • Your primary school handles student records, but you can request an official transcript from WorldEd showcasing completed programs. 

Don't let hurdles hold you back — seize your educational journey with Single Courses! 

How it works?

Empower your kids to learn what they love, all on their own time with WorldEd School.

Apply today!

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