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At WorldEd Middle School, we empower students to embrace independence and responsibility while ensuring they receive unwavering support from our dedicated teachers and staff. 

With a personalized approach, we nurture critical thinking skills, preparing students not just for high school, but for the challenges beyond. 

Middle school

Guiding your child through the most transformative period

Middle School:
Where Exploration Begins 

This is the time for students to dip their toes into a sea of possibilities. We offer a diverse range of activities and courses to help them discover their interests and aspirations. 

21St Century education

WorldEd is continuously enhancing our teaching methods to support students and integrate beneficial technology into their learning experience. 

International experience

Our international student community provides a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives for students to engage with and learn from. 

If you're seeking to enhance your child's English skills, look no further than WED, our online learning platform. Enjoy 24/7 support, flexible learning, and outstanding extracurricular activities. With WED, access challenging content presented in an engaging and enjoyable manner, and study at your own pace. 

Resources for Your Child's Success 

24/7 support

Our interactive online platform ensures access to challenging yet engaging content round the clock. 


With WED, students can tailor their learning to fit their schedule, ensuring maximum flexibility without compromising quality. 

Continuous learning

Our certified teachers administer varied exercises and activities to continuously assess and enhance students' knowledge. 


From masterclasses to art contests, and cultural exchanges with international peers, we offer a diverse array of enriching activities. 


Study at your own pace without sacrificing other commitments. 


Connect with students from diverse backgrounds, expanding your child's global network. 


Receive personalized guidance from experienced counselors to help shape your child's future. 

WorldEd offers everything your child needs to excel academically and prepare for the future. With certified teachers, personalized schedules, individualized support, and exceptional extracurriculars, we provide a unique and immersive learning experience. 

The perks
of WorldEd Digital School

Empower your kids to learn what they love, all on their own time with WorldEd School.

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