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About Us

We are a digital school that offers unique learning experiences for K-12 students worldwide 

Our Vision

To develop global citizens.  

Our Mission

WorldEd’s mission is to provide supportive, flexible, personalized, and superior education to a domestic and international student body through multiple learning approaches. 

Our Values

  • Excellence  

  • Data-driven 

  • Innovation  

  • Teamwork   

  • Diversity and Inclusion  

  • Global Engagement  

  • Social responsibility   

  • Student-driven  

  • Community awareness 

Our online program is designed to adapt to your schedule and preferences, making it easier for you to excel while pursuing your college dreams. 

Flexible Program  

Dive into our challenging college prep curriculum, crafted to ignite your curiosity and prepare you for success beyond high school. 

High-Quality Curriculum 

Say hello to your personal guide on your academic journey! Our dedicated guidance counselor is here to offer support, advice, and a sprinkle of encouragement along the way. 

Individualized Counseling 

Why WorldEd School?

Unlock Academic Dreams with Our Online Program! Whether you're aiming for college, dreaming of landing your dream job, or eager to explore the world, we've got you covered! Our flexible and personalized curriculum is tailored to fit your unique needs and interests, ensuring you reach your goals with confidence and excitement. Get ready to embark on an adventure in learning! 

Who we serve

At WorldEd, the online world becomes your classroom, and the globe is your community! As a vibrant digital school, we roll out the welcome mat to students worldwide, fostering an atmosphere that's all about celebrating the exchange of cultures and learning experiences among our global peers. 

College-Ready Students: 

Hey, future scholars! Ready to rock the college scene? At WorldEd, we've got your back with a dynamic learning vibe that's all about prepping you for the college journey. From our engaging curriculum to our lineup of cool masterclasses and extracurricular adventures, we're here to ignite your academic passion and power up your college dreams! 

Accelerated Students: 

Zooming ahead at your own speed? No problemo! At WorldEd, we get that every student's journey is unique. That's why we offer a turbo-charged learning environment designed to fuel your success. With flexible schedules and a toolbox of learning styles, you'll zoom past milestones and ace those exams like a boss! 

Aspiring Artists: 

Calling all creative souls and stage stars! Dreaming of dazzling the world with your talent? Look no further than WorldEd! Our personalized schedules and rock-solid support will set the stage for your artistic journey, helping you shine bright in the spotlight of your dreams! 

Homeschooling Students: 

Welcome to the homeschooling haven at WorldEd School! Whether you're charting your own course or part of a homeschool crew, we're here to ensure your educational journey is smooth sailing. Our top-notch curriculum and expert support will guide you toward success, making the transition beyond high school a breeze! 

International Students: 

Bonjour, hola, konnichiwa! Wherever you roam, WorldEd is your home base for global learning adventures! Our online coursework and team of American teachers are at your service, offering the flexibility to continue your educational journey from any corner of the world. Get ready to explore, learn, and grow with us—no passport required! 

Where Education Meets the World 

Do you want to learn from the best teachers and experts from different countries and cultures? Do you seek access to the most diverse and innovative learning opportunities? If so, you might want to consider WorldEd, the school with affiliations across various fronts. 

Accredited High School Diploma 

We are accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancEd), a nationally recognized organization that sets rigorous standards for schools. These standards emphasize the creation of productive learning environments, equitable resource allocation to meet learners' needs, and effective leadership. 


Dedication to education fuels everything we do 

Discover our stellar team of educators! From seasoned teachers to certified tutors, we empower students to shine. We're not just here to teach but to cheer you on as you lead your learning journey. With personalized curriculum, flexibility, and support, every student thrives! Ready to unleash your potential? Let's embark on this exciting learning adventure together!

Around the clock access 

Upon enrollment, our academic team tailors a schedule to fit each student's needs. Plus, our online system ensures 24/7 access to track progress—learning at your own pace, day or night!

Supportive network 

Boost confidence and create a thriving learning experience! We champion collaboration among parents, teachers, and students for shared academic success. Together, we make learning a joyous journey!

Student centered 

Take charge of your studies with our student-centered approach! We inspire proactive planning, fostering independence as students lead the way to their goals. Let's make learning exciting and your success unstoppable!

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