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International partnership

Distinguish your school!
Offer an official American

education to your students

WED is a fully accredited American digital school that offers engaging learning experiences. Our partner schools worldwide have grown over 4X with our dual diploma programs in 2022!

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How the affiliation works:

After enrollment, students start classes on a schedule that does not conflict with the classes at their current school.

Your school will have a complete support team, international teachers, and pedagogical coordination. 

In addition to the standard courses that are required for the American diploma, students can select from over 200 elective courses.

If you are looking for a way to improve your English skills, you should try WED, the online learning platform that offers 24/7 support, flexibility, continuous learning, and exceptional extracurriculars. With WED, you can access challenging content that is explained in an engaging and fun way, and study at your own pace and schedule.

Resources available for our students

24/7 support

WED’s online, interactive platform delivers challenging content that is explained in an engaging and fun way.


WED’s flexible approach gives the students the chance to study anytime they want and to review any content anytime.

Continuous learning

Certified and experienced teachers administer a variety of exercises and activities to test the student’s knowledge.


Masterclasses with current subjects, art contests, cultural exchange events with international students, etc.


Our strategic partnerships can help accelerate growth and increase school revenue.


Offer a modality of study that is way ahead of your competition, with cutting-edge technology.


Engaging learning experiences with a retention rate of over 90% among our partners.


Associate with an international school and stand out in front of other schools.

 If you are looking for a way to boost your organization’s performance and reputation, you should consider partnering with us. We are an international school that offers a cutting-edge modality of study that combines online and offline learning.  By associating with us, you will gain visibility and credibility in the global market and stand out from your competitors.

Why become a WorldEd School Partner?

You decide the best way

Two forms of management:

WorldEd offers two types of educational programs: WorldEd Managed Programs and In-School Programs. The courses are assessed by WED and both programs use a fully digital curriculum.

Offers middle and high school programs that do not require local school management. Students can learn from certified teachers and tutors who provide live online group instruction by WorldEd. The curriculum is fully digital and aligned with international standards.

WorldEd also supports schools that want to offer K-12 programs with a fully digital curriculum. The schools can rely on local tutors and coordinators who manage the classes and provide guidance to the students. The courses are assessed by WED, which ensures quality and consistency.

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